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Latest Forum Posts
"Re: The differences between a street, road, boulevard, drive, pike, and avenue" posted in General Chit-Chat by Ted on 10/21/2016 9:38:46 AM
And as to how long a block is, well here is the wiki page for that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_block
"Re: The differences between a street, road, boulevard, drive, pike, and avenue" posted in General Chit-Chat by Ted on 10/21/2016 9:37:50 AM
Interesting. But, like you said,many of these are interchangeable (or a used that in common speech and writing)and have no hard and fast rule. Also, Interstate andFreeway, and Freewayand Highway are nearly synonyms, but Highway can also be used to apply to a Toll Road or Turnpike (which is also often anInterstate Highw
"Harpies" posted in Ted's Place by Ted on 10/21/2016 8:21:59 AM
In case any one is interested, here are some interesting takes on how a harpy's song works: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2m4jt?The-Harpys-Captivating-Song http://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/72364/do-pcs-facing-a-group-of-harpies-have-to-make-multiple-saving-throws-against-the
"Re: Savage Rifts anyone?" posted in The Dice Tower by Andreas on 10/20/2016 5:28:22 AM
So umm whats the news on this one?
"Re: Steam IDs" posted in The Video Arcade by MartianKat on 10/10/2016 7:40:13 PM
Yeah, I used to be the keeper of that list, but a lady can handle only so many deletions. =) I'm glad that the torched has been picked up by someone else though. =)
"Pathfinders Rise of the Runelords AP" posted in The Dice Tower by Rogue on 10/9/2016 7:56:14 AM
Greetings All! I have started up a game of pathfinder starting on Tuesday the 25th of October. It will run every other week, And the times SHOULD be from 5 PM to 9 PM PACIFIC,or 8 PM to midnight EASTERN. Since this is the very first Adventure Path that Pathfinder created, I am asking for Core Classes and races only for
"Re: Interest Check for Phoenix: Dawn Command" posted in The Dice Tower by AngryKobold on 10/8/2016 4:23:03 AM
I just put up an event on the calendar for the 21st.
"Re: Steam IDs" posted in The Video Arcade by AngryKobold on 10/7/2016 9:51:52 PM
"Re: Steam IDs" posted in The Video Arcade by Dukehart on 10/7/2016 12:10:34 PM
"Steam IDs" posted in The Video Arcade by Eshu on 10/4/2016 8:29:28 PM
I seem to recall there was a thread on the old forums with steam IDs in it. Is there any interest in raising that zombie again? http://steamcommunity.com/id/cwnannwn/is my profile link.

Windward is an action-filled multiplayer sandbox game that puts you in control of a ship sailing the high seas of a large procedurally-generated world. You can connect to our server by simply looking for our name in the in-game server list.

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