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Shadowrun: When the Bell Tolls
Owned by Legacy Game Mastering On Monday, July 17, 2017

START DATE:    Saturday, August 12, 2017 7:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
END DATE:    Saturday, August 12, 2017 10:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
RECURRENCE:   Recurring Event Every 2 weeks until 12/30/2017 (total 12 events)
IMPORTANCE:    Normal Priority
CATEGORY:    Campaign Session
LOCATION:    Roll20/TeamSpeak
RULESET:    Shadowrun 5E


Listen here chummer:

A cold night in Seattle is normal. A cold night with that ends with a friend getting fragged and you taking the blame, now that isn't. 

You took a normal job. It was supposed to be a quick trip to grab some data off of a server. The fixer had ensured that everything would run smooth by securing the access codes. He also got you access into the building by bribing the guards. But, as often happens to shadowrunners, things went pear shaped. You passed out and when you woke up you found yourself in a Lone Star cell. It appears that everyone but Nyx is here with you. When you ask around, they tell you Nyx got flat-lined. The worst part, they think you set him up. Once you get back to the streets you are in line to figure out what the hell is going on. You can only hope you don't poke the sleeping dragon that set this all up...

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