The Origins of SXG

A long time ago in the Valley of the Sun there was a group of gamers. Young and enthusiastic, they sampled the full variety of what gaming had to offer and had many good times. 

Years passed and the friends drifted apart and joined the adult world, but they never let go of the spark that gaming had ignited in them.

20+ years later two of these friends came across each other on the Book of Faces and instantly rekindled the gaming spark. They decided to try out this new thing called the Virtual table Top (VTT), a way of gaming over the internet, and they were hooked. Alas it was not to last, as the table they used met an early demise, leaving them without a game and wanting more.

The friends searched far and wide for a new VTT and after much inquiry and investigation settled upon Fantasy Grounds. They pooled their coins and bought a handful of licenses and invited some of their friends to join them.

On 9 October 2012, The Society of Extraordinary Gamers was born and we have never looked back...

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