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HEX: Interwar Diaries
Owned by Snakedoc76 On Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Hello all, welcome to the Interwar Period. 

It's 1936. Under 20 years ago the world gathered together to fight it out in one of the worst wars in history. An economic disaster has led to a world wide depression. Despite this vehicles are starting to open new avenues into deeper unknown regions; flight records are being broken, and cargo trucks are causing movement to trains which can link to ships. World travel is starting to expand the reach of state actors, and few enterprizing private business owners. New discoveries in the wilds and lesser traveled locations of the world, and news papers are reporting that there is an ancient world that we no longer remember, of wonder and mystisim is starting to become known to those outside of acedemic sources. Perhaps the worst thing to come about in this later phase of the Interwar Period is that several leaders of state are starting to move towards actions that are bringing tension to an economically depressed and war weary world, and the feeling that the drums of battle are, again, on the horizon. 

Table Link: https://app.roll20.net/join/3660589/k-PCRg

A few things to note about the game. 

No Atlantian stuff... I have decided it's not a direction I'm going to currently go, and don't feel that it would be approprate in what I'm currently thinking.

Occult and mysterious "knowledge" is okay, at this point, maybe with the idea of getting into it if new knowlege (spells) become available. But actually knowing spells or how to cast, is not what I'm looking for in Beginning level PC's.

I'd like for our adventurer's to fill two roles, a knowledge or awareness of some sort of acedemical materials, and an adventurer type roll, I suppose it's more of an idea that they will have some knowledge and some ability to handle themselves the weight of each, is your choice, you don't need to be a profesor and adventurer, it can be that you're father was a jewel theif, and you also have learned about gems and maybe minerals, or whatever... Indy was certainly both, so the genre supports it super well. Things like engineer/pilot would be a noteworthy difference.

The type of organization that you are a part of is going to depend on what the PC's are, and what the players have built (some conversation and coordination with other players is advised, I don't know how that could be facilitated, but I assume it's not a difficulty).

That said, I am thinking that you all are going to be a group that is likely going to be one of the first choices for recruitement for the OSS when it opens up... and if we last that long, that may just happen, but build accordingly.

Currently I'm of the opinion that you all are going to have some experiance in doing what you are, so I'm changing the "starting Exp total" from 15 to 50. So in the final stages of character building, use 50xp instead of the 15xp you are given normally to start.

Here are some links to get some blood flowing, and an idea of the age and feel of the times... (more information to come)

Personally I listen to these while I'm reading through the book... honestly they have a ton of super good information straight in the main book.

Obviously, the Indiana Jones movies... Currently, if you are a prime member, they are free, as well as the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, but I didn't find that as good material as the original movies.

3 hours of 1936 broadcasts through the year: , 0:00 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLrLfG1lfCo
Radio tuning
0:12 - January 6 - Benny Goodman from the Congress Hotel, Chicago
29:53 - January 20 - Death of King George V
30:44 - March 2 - First radio address of King Edward VIII
38:04 - March 7 - German re-occupation of the Rhineland
39:05 - April 26 - Jack Benny Program
1:07:48 - May 1 - Hitler speech to the Hitler Youth
1:08:57 - May 9 - End of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War
1:09:38 - June 12 - Alfred Landon addresses the RNC
1:10:32 - July 3 - Cliff Noble and his Orchestra
1:20:41 - July 31 - Olympic flame enters Germany
1:23:15 - 1936 - Aunt Jemima pancake commercial
1:24:18 - August 1 - Hitler declares the Olympic Games open
1:25:45 - August 19 - Amos N' Andy
1:39:18 - September 6 - Roosevelt speech about drought, farmers, and laborers
2:04:19 - September 14 - Hess speaks about the Olympics and Germany
2:07:03 - October 24 - Mussolini speech in Bologna, Italy
2:17:00 - November 1 - Mussolini speech in Milan, Italy
2:19:45 - December 11 - Abdication of King Edward VIII
2:26:46 - December - Henry Hall Dance Band Christmas special

One hour of 1932's radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHkjlRwA6xE&t=14s

Postmodern Jukebox playlist of "modern Songs" in 1930's style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpBjuGIKKVs&list=PLJZH8sevmMq5DgfBHdbONM5ABYh4cU_-k

Stowaway (released in 1936, starring Shirley Temple) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GvYz7hslQY

Simple History's playlist on the interwar Period: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrYhLNQMRro&list=PLu2xst_eS6dqvm8HMr6xMw8trY7JNWBOS

Crash Course [on the interwar period] playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfOR1XCMf7A&list=PL9S1beKK7VyvTFVHH3FhMWNb_3Sq6RUvT

An idea of what happens "this year": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1936

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